How many gallons do the portable toilets hold?
The portable toilets hold between 60 and 80 gallons. For a unit’s exact capacity, please
check our Portable Toilets page.

How often is a unit serviced on location?
The average service is once a week, extra service is available for an additional charge.

How many toilets do I need?
Click here to estimate the number of toilets you will need.

Are hand washing stations available?
Yes, we can provide portable hand wash units in addition to portable toilets.

Must I provide handicap units for my event?
Federal Regulation 28 CFR Part 36 4.22 requires one 
ADA-compliant handicap unit per portable restroom 
cluster or a minimum of 5% of total units.

Can we padlock the door?

Yes! We can provide a lock and key. If you prefer to use your own lock, you must provide us with a key.

What is your service area?
We serve most of Fairfield County and southwestern New Haven County.