tufway_smallTufway: The Industry Standard
This proven design offers lightweight, durable construction, stay-clean design
and an attractive appearance that looks good in any application.
• Non slip floors
• Single-piece, standover urinal with extended lip
• Non clogging drain tube
• Large vent screen improves circulation & cooling

Tufway Specifications
Height: 88 inches
Width: 45 inches
Depth: 45 inches
Weight: 235 lbs.
Tank volume: 
70 gallons
Seat height: 18 inches
Door opening: 
74 inches x 24 inches

taurus_smallTaurus: Extra Comfort Features
Quality is found in the details and the Taurus portable toilet has more than enough
added features to ensure users will be pleased with its amenities and comfort. The
hover handle allows users to latch and unlatch the door without having to use
their hands.
• Extra large 80 gallon tank
• Standard mirror and corner shelf
• Standard three roll paper holder
• Gender indicator sign
• Slip resistant floor
• Hands-free door latch

Taurus Specifications
Height: 90 inches
Width: 44 inches
Depth: 48 inches
Weight: 172 lbs.
Standard tank volume: 80 gal.
Door opening: 76 inches height


freedom_front_smallFreedom: Wheelchair Accessible
The new Freedom is the only fully ADA and Title 24 compliant portable restroom
on the market.
• Fully ADA compliant
• Fully Title 24 compliant
• Easy to enter and exit

Freedom Specifications
Height: 90 inches
Width: 67 inches
Depth: 86.5 inches
Seat height: 18.75 inches
Tank volume (standard): 68 gallons
Weight (with standard tank): 310 lbs.


Wave-washstand-smallWave Hand Wash Station
Our hand wash stations provide clean, safe water for on the job hand sanitation.
The Wave keeps water fresh and clean in a fully enclosed tank. Dual sinks, towel and
soap dispensers plus a spray nozzle provide simple operation and fast results.

Wave Specifications
Height: 54 inches
Width: 42 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Fresh Volume: 43 gallons
Waste Volume: 47 gallons
Approximate # of Uses: 630